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Faith Erin Hicks

Alternate Endings 03

Posted by Faith Erin Hicks | May 8, 2013

Another alternate ending to Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong courtesy of Miriam Gibson!



Camping Dad has the best evil laugh ever.

Dangit, I may have to create a random encounter with Camping Dad now.

Would it be okay for me to submit Camping Dad as an enemy in an online game? He’s not mine, obviously, but who should I ask?

Whenever I see Miriam’s work, I have to consciously slow down my reading, because her art has so much nervous, boundless energy in it that it makes me speed through and miss out on fun words and hilarious details. It’s like watching fast-cut animation, you have to pause it, rewind, and watch it again in slow mo to catch everything you missed the first time around!

I’ve got to say, I was still kind of hoping charlie and nate would pair up in the end. Joanna’s ecstatically awesome with her badassery but that bromance munching chips under the bed? I really really wanted that to be a romance reeeeally TT But regardless this was an uber entertaining comic :D kudos to both pru and faith