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Faith Erin Hicks

Alternate Endings 01

Posted by Faith Erin Hicks | May 6, 2013

Whew, excuse my posting lateness, got home very late from seeing Iron Man 3 last night (verdict: some good stuff, but overall, kind of eh). Anyway! We now have some fancy alternate ending comics for Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, courtesy of my very good friend Miriam Gibson! Yaay! I’m so thrilled Miriam made these, her take on NCPGW is kind of the bomb. Be sure to visit Miriam’s website & tumblr for more of her awesome comics.

And now the NCPGW web serialization is OVAH!!!!!! Congrats to … uh, us, I guess! I’m so thrilled everyone (seems to) have enjoyed it, and I really hope you’ll consider picking up the book. Remember, if you like NCPGW and are planning to buy it, please pre-order it and you’ll be entered to win some cool prizes. Since the book will be published officially tomorrow, we will run the pre-order campaign until 12AM tonight, so be sure to get that final pre-order in!

Upcoming stuff: Check out my website for conventions I’ll be at over the summer, where you’ll be able to pick up a copy of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong from me. NCPGW will be debuting at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this coming weekend, and if you’re in Halifax, please come to the signing at the new location of Strange Adventures this Wednesday from 4-6.


The comic will remain online for a few more days, and then will be taken down and a preview will replace it. Not quite sure when.