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Posted by Prudence Shen & Faith Erin Hicks | September 24, 2012

Hello internets, and welcome to the website for Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong! NCPGW is a graphic novel adapted and drawn by me (Faith) from an original Young Adult novel by Prudence Shen. Pru and I (with the help of my alarmingly competent wordpress savy web guru Lissa) will be running Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong as a webcomic until its publication by First Second Books in May 2013.

If you’re someone who’s familiar with my work, like, say, when I ran Friends With Boys, my previous First Second graphic novel online until its publication in February 2012, you’ll know the drill. Pru and I will be blogging our way through NCPGW, offering author & cartoonist insights and various other nonsense while the comic updates, so come for the comic-y goodness, stay for the blogging. And please, Dear Internets, spread word of the comic and its existence far and wide! I would totally appreciate it, y’all. :) The comic will be updated Monday through Friday with a page a day.

(Click the read more to discover how Pru & I ended up working on this project)

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